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Texshine is the leader in Coimbatore and all over in India specializing in the manufacturing and sale of Plastic injection molding machine. Our expertise is recognized internationally, so we can offer you products of the highest quality as well as support that you and your company deserve. Our team is highly trained to provide the right solution to your needs. A Below you will find information regarding the specialized machinery we handle, Texshine Plastic Hydraulic, the leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic injection molding manufacturers in Coimbatore, the Manchester of South India.

Our Team

We have a reputation for excellent employee relations and have a highly experienced and motivated team whose single-minded aim is to meet and exceed our customers product realisation requirements. This company-wide culture provides a solid foundation from which to develop the customer relationships and quality of service that make us successful. Our production services include injection moulding, vertical moulding, insert moulding , vertical plunger etc..,


Established in 1995 TEXSHINE Plastic Hydraulics has grown into one of the best plastic injection moulding manufacturers company, industry’s most respected companies and is now recognised as being at the forefront of injection moulding manufacturers. We are located in coimbatore in South India. We take pride in our business continuing to be one of the most modern and clean moulding facilities with the area size of 2500 sq.ft in the heart of Coimbatore.

Quality Control

At TESHINE we have numerous measures in place to ensure our products meet and exceed our client’s requirements and expectations. We provide a 3 stage quality inspection check; First after the part has been machined it is checked against the drawing specifications, Second before and after the finishing department has painted and polished the part it is inspected Finally the manager will personally check the products before they are packaged and sent for shipping. We are also happy to work according to the level of QC our customers require, this could be: single, multiple or pre-shipping inspections, raw material testing/inspection or start to finish quality control. Constant updates will be relayed to the customers via their dedicated customer service representative.